Jones of the Stones

Welcome to Jones of the Stones, created some time in the 1980s.  It was probably done around the time that Psychic TV released Godstar, and all things Stones-related were uppermost in our house.  I’ve no idea why I called it “The Further Adventures of…”, as I had not previously produced any others.

A very occasional comic strip

My favourite part is the almost illegible signpost in the frame where Brian is trotting down to London to seek his fortune; in one direction is ‘Cheltenham Poshtown’ and in the other is ‘Ver Smoke’.  The latter is probably the result of the trend in Smash Hits  around that time for referring to everything as ‘ver this’ or ‘ver that’ (eg: ‘ver Hits’, ‘ver Medics’, etc).

I’m also still fond of the idea of ‘Korner Corner’ as a friendly place to stay when you’re a struggling bluesman trying to make a name for yourself up in town.  The bit where Bri introduces us to the band is a blatant rip-off of The Young Ones  where Rik is trying to sound cool by introducing people as “bloody good mates”.

There is also a cameo by Paul Jones, shaking his maracas.

Dedicated to Ali!

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