Adiemus Revisited

Having beaten myself up for my previous ‘translation’ of Adiemus being a little high-flown, I’ve created a more down-to-earth version, albeit no less dodgy than the last.

This one is more based on what the original lyrics suggested to me phonetically rather than linguistically, and has automatically set itself in a bus/rail terminus.  Enjoy!

Hurry up – give us a coffee!

Hurry up – give it us, yeah?

Hurry up, make a coffee.  Been a tough day.

The bus will take you away (x2)

The bus will take you away, you and your coffee.

Off my patch, chill – hey – our way!

Off my patch, chill – rah!

Off my patch, chill – a railway – hark, a lark! (x3)

Aye!  Do I heck?! (x2)

Aye!  (The idea started to break down somewhat at this point.)

I just need to explain the ‘Off my patch’ phrase; this came from the words ‘Ana-mana’ from the original lyrics.  ‘Ana’ (‘away from’ according to my Greek ‘O’ Level) and ‘mana’ as a homophone for ‘manor’, when glued together, equate to ‘Off my patch.’

They do, really.

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