Unique Spelling Point

My first ‘proper’ job was at a shipping company (we’d probably say ‘logistics’ these days), and one of my responsibilities was to produce and send out a monthly mailshot.  One day, to my horror, I let a spelling mistake through which meant that across a thousand page headers, freshly returned from our printers, our company referred to itself as an ‘angency’ (which sounds like it should be a business offering specialised medical services for heart patients).

A thousand stickers (and several extra hours’ work) later, I had learnt my lesson, but the episode still comes back to haunt me.

So when I saw what appeared to be one typo and one misused apostrophe in M&S this morning it brought it all back.  Worse, they were in brightly coloured text, several centimetres high, facing customers as they queued at the tills.  The promotional messages were assuring us that the Wiltshire ham was made with “a process that usese no added water”, and that the Cornish Cheddar had won a gold medal at the 2010 International Cheese Awards, “among it’s many awards.”

My twenty-something self, knee deep in stickers, might have sympathised…

Spellbound, Word-hoard

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