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Wouldn’t it be Lug-holey

Oh dear.  Judging by this, I wasn’t much of a royalist in 1981. I’m not sure why, but a ‘My Fair Lady’ theme took hold when I drew [..]

Time Machine

Adiemus Revisited

Having beaten myself up for my previous ‘translation’ of Adiemus being a little high-flown, I’ve created a more down-to-earth version, albeit no less dodgy than the last. This [..]

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Adiemus – An Imaginary Translation (with apologies to Karl Jenkins)

‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.’ (Lewis [..]

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Underwater Earworms ooooooO

Bids for fitness have their price. Plodding (‘ploughing’ seemed too athletic) up and down the local pool, I find I’m either at the mercy of my own thoughts, [..]

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Top of the Pops – once seen…

Certain characters that found their way into our living room have lodged themselves in my brain and won’t depart.  If you’re reading this and are young enough not [..]

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Involuntary Mashed-Up Karaoke Reflex!

I’m proposing that the above is a very real affliction, perhaps some kind of mild compulsive disorder. Backtrack.  I used to help run a pub quiz (wistful sigh [..]

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How to Survive the Eurovision Song Contest 2012

It’s coming.  Every year you say you won’t do it.  You’ll be strong and focused.  You’ll spend the evening doing something worthy, improving and time-consuming, such as reading [..]

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Clutter.  We all have it, some of us more than others. I’m not just talking about that box of DVDs or (ahem) ‘vintage’ clothes that never made it [..]

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Unique Spelling Point

My first ‘proper’ job was at a shipping company (we’d probably say ‘logistics’ these days), and one of my responsibilities was to produce and send out a monthly [..]

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Jones Redux

I’ve dredged up some thoughts on Jones of the Stones and updated my original post about it.  

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